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Carbon Repairs Automotive

We have been repairing thin tube carbon fibre bicycles for years. This experience makes repairing thicker material simple for us and we are very good at aligning weave and making high end parts look like nothing ever happened.

The images below are examples of work we could do.  As we progress we will post before and after pictures of jobs that we do.

Damage like this is not even a real repair, pretty much all paint.

A bit worse, but not super hard.

Nasty but repairable.  You would see some minor seams where the new layup meets the old, probably nothing at all from a metre away.


Some after market parts will not be worth repairing but a $5000 OEM Porsche part sure is!

Please keep in mind we are not a mechanical workshop or panel shop, we don’t want you whole car, just the part to be repaired.

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