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FREIGHT (Pick up Service)

If you would like to send your bike or car part to us for repair please fill out the form below.  We use TNT for our transport needs and can get your package picked up from any business address.  We cannot do residential (at all ever sorry), so take it to work or drop it at your local bike shop or mechanic. 

Please note we are not a bike shop or a panel shop.  Please just send us your bare frame or part, not the whole thing.  If there are lose bits hanging off it please don’t blame us if they fall off, we try really hard, but we are not magicians.  If there are small parts left on and we have to remove them to get it in a vacuum bag or whatever, we will and then we will bag them and tape them to your frame or part carefully.  We will however not be responsible for them, so please remove it all.

The cost is pretty reasonable unless you live remotely, it is usually charged by volume, so the smaller the box you can get it into the better!  There is NO insurance, so if is goes astray it is not us who will pay, it will be your responsibility.  We find this is very rare, the number one cause is the address label came off and they don’t know where it belongs.  So make sure the label we email you is secure, even put 2 on just in case.

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