Remember the day you walked into the showroom of the bike shop and saw the most amazing bike you have ever seen and thought, “I just have to have it”, or purchased a bike from a mate that you simply fell in love with. Then not 6 months later you walk past the same shop or the person beside you in a group ride has the next model and on comparison, all that has changed is the is the colour – and guess what you love that colour more than that of your own bike. You have 2 options sell your bike and buy the new one (losing considerable amounts of money on your bike) or two, talk to our team at Carbon Steed and either paint yours to match or go all out and get a full custom paint job.

This is such a beautiful bike and we love seeing the work that we do put back together and back out on the road – almost like moving art.  The owner of this amazing machine simply loves it.  Check out the great owners pic in our home page slider.


We get lots of people coming in to give a new lease of life to an old favourite.  We enjoy getting involved with your passion on these, however the cost may exceed the value of the actual bike. So it really is a labour of love; so how much do you love it, what emotions does it envoke and how happy would you be have somthing like this BMC Road Racer from our friend Paul Bowden at Road Bike Rescue.  This is a 2006 model frame Paul has ridden all over the place, he estimates he has ridden more than 150 000 klm on it OMG!  So you could see why he looks at it as an old favourite!  For inspiration he brough along his favourite pair of Velokicks and said these are the colours I would like to use, we encouraged him to use the colourway as well, I think together we came up with a great layout.  He then sent the cranks over to get something done to make them fit in with the scheme.

A worthwhile investment I think, as does Paul.

Click on any of the pics below to enlarge, or check out our gallery for more.

We always try and fit everyones budget.  Here is the level of detail that can be achieved when someone just wants what they want and has little concern for the budget.  We are very happy to do whatever you want and loved doing the detail that was this Bianchi.  But keep in mind when you stat adding drop shadows and matte and gloss combo’s the costs can get away.  We are very happy if you have some big ideas to give us an idea of what you want to spend and we can let you know what we can do for you.

Here are a few repaints we have done recently that we really love.  The first is a steel frame we painted from The Woods Bicycle Company out of Byron Bay it truly is a great machine, the colour was a custom in house mix and the pic is from @cyclebro, give him a follow in Instagram.  The Wilier next to it is a colour shift with some white pearl decals, I love the Tri Colour panel on the top tub and the infill on the cable guide.  The candy red over white pearl Cervelo S5 was also an inhouse creation.  Next along is another from the Road Bike Rescue collection, this is the first ever colour shift over carbon I have ever seen, together with the prismatic decals it just look crazy.  A little inhouse innovation there.  The white S-Works was one of those you are not 100% sure will work, I LOVE the matte/gloss combo on the liquid metal silver.  It almost looks chrome without the hassle or expense of going full on chrome.  The Cervelo was done to match some other frame in the team.  I really think we hit the mark on that request.  To the right was one from Semi Racer, The F12 it is done in Elixer super shift, really looks the goods, but it was a mission…

The Colnago came out of Adelaide and was raised from the dead.  It had multiple cracks between the lugs and frame, probably not as bad as it looked.  But the end result is stunning.  The Cannondale is here are I love the blue aluminium and bare carbon combo, really pops in the sun.  The S-WORKS is another play with the blue aluminium, again I love the bare carbon decals.

All of the jobs below are not repaints but are some of the other things we excel at.  The Time had a load of scratches and peeling decals, we touched-up all of these, replaced the decals we had to and the gave it all a reclear.  Still a fair investment, but it looks original and in great shape.  I think well worth the spend.  The Chapter 2 we changed all the red areas from pink, if you have a good look there is a whole heap of 2mm lines to change.  I think everyone was suitably impressed, this job has led to heaps of others for us.  Sometimes it is worth going the extra mile.  The next was a very nasty little touch up right in the middle of that design, I do not have any before pics, but it was a small, deep scratch.  This is one of those jobs that can be done quickly, cheaply and simply by someone who can colour match, blend and knows how to keep it small.  There is nothing to see here, which in this case is a great thing.  The next is just a couple of before and afters on a set of lever blades, again something we are very good at, repairing a small section and keeping it looking original.

Please check out our gallery and keep coming back as we will update it regularly with our latest work.