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Carbon Steed offer a range of services based around carbon fibre products including bicycle carbon fibre frame repairs. We have had many years of experience; our background is mainly from automotive smash repair.  We were also involved in a bicycle carbon fibre frame repair and bicycle painting business for a number of years.

The services we offer include;

Bicycle Painting – we offer a full range of custom bicycle painting, simple one colour repaints right through to full custom air brush work, candy’s, chrome finishes, customising bars, stems cranks.  Whatever you like really.  Keep an eye on our gallery and Facebook pages to see our latest work.  We can work to any budget, our standard pricing may be a little dearer than elsewhere but we want to offer top quality work and that takes time.  Let us know if you are on a budget and we are happy to try and work within it.  Our standard quotes on resprays will include pricing to flow coat for the super smooth finish.  Let us know if you don’t want this.

Carbon Fibre Bicycle repairs – we have an extensive history and have done thousands of carbon fibre repairs over the years. We also get involved in the tricky bicycle frame repairs that no one else wants to know about. If you have something you think is not repairable, drop us a line before you dump it! The best way to find out is take a couple of happy snaps and send them to us via our online quote form.

Carbon Fibre Automotive repairs – We have done loads of automotive repairs, we had a business for 15 years specialising in SMART type repairs within dealerships.

A recent trip to Europe opened my eyes to the fact almost every high end car now is loaded with carbon fibre hang on parts. We are great at repairing small thin parts and making them look like nothing ever happened, so for us it is a natural fit. I also fully expect loads of those parts to yellow and need some restoration down the track. As carbon fibre yellowing is a big issue due to the type of resins used and the lack of a quality UV resistant coating over the top.

We will also trial some pretty cool 3D scanning and 3D carbon fibre printing. We will have a webstore up soon which will offer bicycle parts and a couple of very cool things like 3D printed carbon fibre cable guides and cable stops.   We will also offer a dropout liner replacement service in carbon fibre.  This was only ever available  in  stainless steel.  Very cool I think.


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